Hotdogs n Acid drops

by Doc 303



Part 3 of our story.

"To this day I don't know why he stole that monkey from the zoo or why he did what he did afterwards..." -Jonn SZ

3 is the magic number and our story now takes a step back looking at the events preceding our monkey spaceman's initial flight by entering a world of terrifying illusion. Doc303 spins a tale from the twilight filled with sinister tension. Be warned you will never look at hotdogs in the same way...


I first dropped acid when I was 18
I was over at these peoples house one night
this guy I went to school was over there and asked me if I wanted to try some acid
I'd read about it in the newspaper and heard a few friends talk about it so I was curious
I was pretty jacked up on marijuana
and I dropped it

I don't know what I was waiting for
a flash or a rush, whatever
I thought the colours were beautiful
so we tripped down to market street
and I decided to buy a hotdog

I put the hotdog up to my mouth
and somebody started screaming
you dropped acid,
whose dropped acid,

I got the hotdog up to my mouth
and I was ready to bite
but the scream got louder
then it hit me

No it couldn't be

and I looked down at the hotdog
there was a face on it

eyes nose and a mouth
I'd put ketchup where it looked like his hair
he started telling me why I couldn't eat him
he had a wife and seven kids at home to support

and I told my friend
look at him man he's got a face
and he's screaming
he got on the same trip that I was on

We sat there
carrying on a conversation with a hotdog
finally we decided I was hallucinating
so i put it in my mouth and bit down

I realised that I had murdered it

whose dropped acid
you dropped acid
whose dropped acid
you dropped acid

whose dropped acid
whose dropped acid
dropped acid
dropped acid


released November 29, 2013
Doc 303
Lockhead Aircraft Corporation



all rights reserved


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